Mosquito Control in Schools

Weekly measures

Check for mosquito breeding in the following places:

  • Discarded receptacles in open areas, under bushes, and in school fields
  • Open and closed drains
  • Gully traps
  • Ground puddles
  • Tree holes and bifurcations between branches, and leaf axils of banana trees, Travellers Palms and other palms
  • Refuse bins and bin covers, especially when unused
  • Outdoor hanging and standing bins
  • Scupper drains in common corridors
  • Bin centre (in particular, perimeter drains, gully traps, discarded articles, and stored bulk bins inside and around the bin centre)
  • Lightning conductor pits, valve chambers, water stop-cock pits, manhole inspection covers
  • Flower troughs, plant boxes, plant pots, and other ornamental containers
  • Ponds
  • Air-conditioner trays
  • Unused equipment, such as canvas sheets and dustpans in storage areas
  • Rooftops and water tanks
  • Any other water-bearing receptacles

Fortnightly measures

Check roof drainage and gutters of school buildings, bin centres, walkways, and other buildings or structures with roof drainage.

Apply sand granular insecticide to gully traps, manhole cover handle depressions, lightning conductor pits, stop-cock pits, valve chambers, and sumps.

Ensure the water tanks are properly covered and that all drainage outlets are sealed.

School vacations

During school vacations, apply sand granular insecticide to all toilet bowls, cisterns, and gully traps in toilets every fortnight.

School hostels or boarding houses

Carry out the above mosquito control measures at all school hostels or boarding houses.

Apply sand granular insecticide to all gully traps, water cisterns, and toilet bowls in all the hostel rooms every fortnight whenever these are unoccupied – for example, in newly completed hostels, vacant hostel rooms, and during school vacations.

Vacant schools

In vacant schools or schools undergoing demolition, destroy mosquito breeding in discarded articles and items left behind.

Seal up all toilet bowls, cisterns and gully traps with plastic sheets.

Remove all excess water in water tanks.

Inform the Ministry of Education of potential breeding grounds, and apply insecticides to all possible breeding habitats during the interim period before potential breeding areas are removed.

Destruction of mosquito breeding

Destroy all mosquito breeding found during the inspection, and remove or treat all potential breeding habitats with insecticide.

Report all breeding detected, as well as potential breeding habitats observed, to the school management so that appropriate interim or permanent measures can be taken.


Fogging is done when there is a mosquito nuisance problem or disease outbreak. Coordinate fogging operations with the NEA Regional Office when necessary.


Reference: https://www.nea.gov.sg/our-services/pest-control/mosquito-control/mosquito-control-in-schools

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