Mosquito Control in Construction Sites

Weekly measures

Check for mosquito breeding in the following places:

  • Unused containers and building wastes in the worksite, bangsal area, and site offices
  • Building materials, canvas sheets, equipment, and machinery
  • Puddles on the ground
  • Puddles on the concrete floors of all upper levels and basements
  • Water storage drums, tanks and containers
  • Bulk waste containers
  • Trenches
  • Lift wells
  • Safety barriers
  • Rooftops and water tanks
  • Treatment plants
  • Any other containers

Application of insecticide or anti-mosquito oil

Apply insecticides or anti-mosquito oil every week to all stagnant water and water-bearing containers at ground level and on upper floors. Repeat application after rain as the insecticide or oil would have been washed away.

Destruction of mosquito breeding

Destroy all mosquito breeding found during the inspection and remove or treat all potential breeding habitats with insecticide.

Report all breeding detected, and potential breeding habitats observed, to the construction site supervisor so that appropriate interim or permanent measures can be taken.


It is not mandatory to conduct fogging at construction sites.

Fogging treatment should only be done when there is a mosquito nuisance problem or disease outbreak.

Residual spraying

Carry out residual spraying of the interior and exterior walls of site offices and bangsals if the construction site is located in a malaria-sensitive area, or if instructed by NEA to do so.

For construction sites, a team of two can inspect and spray an area with a 30-metre radius in a day, including all upper floors. For bigger sites, more than one PCO might have to be hired to cover the whole site. If there is more than one PCO hired, they must coordinate to ensure effective mosquito control. As building work progresses, surveillance must include checking the upper floors when they are constructed. The checking of upper floors should be included in the contract, and a quote should be obtained for work done per floor.


Reference: https://www.nea.gov.sg/our-services/pest-control/mosquito-control/mosquito-control-in-construction-sites

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