Mosquito Control in Condominium Estates

Weekly measures

Check for mosquito breeding in the following places:

  • Unused containers in open areas and under bushes
  • Open and closed drains
  • Gully traps
  • Ground puddles
  • Tree holes and bifurcations between branches, leaf axils of banana trees, Travellers Palms and other palms
  • Outdoor litter bins
  • Scupper drains in common corridors and void decks
  • Bin centre (particularly perimeter drains, gully traps, discarded receptacles and stored bulk bins inside and around the bin centre)
  • Scupper drains, perimeter drains and sumps of basement or multi-storey car parks.
  • Flower troughs, plant boxes and plant pots
  • Ponds and fountains
  • Air-conditioner trays
  • Rooftop, pump room, and water tanks
  • Any other containers

Fortnightly measures

Check roof drainage and gutters of condominium buildings, bin centres, walkways, and other buildings or structures with roof drainage.

Apply sand granular insecticide to gully traps, manhole cover handle depressions, lightning conductor pits, stop-cock pits, valve chambers, and sumps.

Ensure the water tanks are properly covered, and that all drainage outlets are properly sealed.

Destruction of mosquito breeding

Destroy all mosquito breeding found during the inspection, and remove or treat all potential breeding habitats with insecticide.

Report all breeding detected, as well as potential breeding habitats observed, to the condominium management so that appropriate interim or permanent measures can be taken.


Fogging treatment should only be done when there is a mosquito nuisance problem or disease outbreak.


Reference: https://www.nea.gov.sg/our-services/pest-control/mosquito-control/mosquito-control-in-condominium-estates

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